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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
12:28 am - the jig is up.
Friends Only.

comment and add me, and maybe i'll add you back so you can read.

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Sunday, February 6th, 2005
3:41 pm - stolen from robin...again.
If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, please post a memory of me. It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal to see what people remember about you.

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
9:56 pm - do you believe in love at first sight, or should i walk by again?
i hope everyone read about my princesses and pimps celebration in the previous entry, because it's going to be headline news and you're going to be lost when you finally hear about it.

today has been a strange day for me. i did get my watch and that was hella exciting. it's pretty damn cool with its three interchangeable straps. it came already on the flamingo one, so that was pretty hot cause that was the one i wanted to wear as the default watch band. go me!

i've done a lot of thinking in the past few days and i came to some pretty interesting decisions about my life. they're pretty important to me and i'm glad that i could figure it all out on my own without being incredibly distressed. they're not the happiest decisions i could have made for myself, but they will work, and i think in the long term vision i have for my life, they will work out very will and i will be happy.

i've realized it is very hard to resolve to do something when your feelings on the situation are as ambivalent as they come.

i did a lot of writing today and i forgot that there was something pretty important that i wanted to write about and i totally skipped it. i guess i will have to finish that later.

i hung up the supercool fingerpaintings megan made for me. there's just a little more brightness and happy feelings in my room today. i cleaned off my desk to and its actually minimally usable. my life is so cluttered. i can't even keep my desk in a state that i can actually just sit down and use it. i have to take the time to worry about cleaning first. it's dreadful.

well i've managed to get myself strayed from my good sleeping schedule that i had been rocking for a while. i slept very late today, again. that's two days in a row. i will force myself to go to sleep earlier tonight than i have been by whatever means i can.

it's almost valentine's day so i have to make little valentine cards up for everyone. that will be fun. maybe i'll work on that tomorrow though. i have a serious project that i want to start tonight. i've decided that this year my valentines will be two of my friends. one reason is that having just one person is far too limiting. and another reason is because last year i was in the hospital for valentines day so i should make up for that. haha. it will be amusing cause they'll probably have people really wanting to be their valentine, when at most i might just color them a picture. oh well. at least i'll have something to do with my time.

i don't feel much like myself right now, so i am going to be finished with writing this entry here. however, i've decided that from now on i am going to put a fun question in here and see who will leave me answers to that question in my comments and everyone can read the answers. i need to liven things up here. it's getting boring.
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Monday, January 31st, 2005
10:47 pm - attention ladies and gentlemen: bring your ghetto fabulousness along and leave the world behind.
for any of you who have not had the luxury of speaking to me in the last 24 hours, damn! you are missing out on some sweet piece of news. i am in the process of planning the most lavish and extravagant 21st birthday party that i can come up with. i think i might name the party. there will be food, there will be dancing, there will be all night fun-having, and most of all, there will be pretty dresses!!!!
princesses and pimps: the 21st birthday celebration of which there is no comparison.Collapse )

so i can't wait to go dress shopping. i've decreed that 2005 will be a great shopping year for me. well i've already bought five new pairs of shoes this year, and january is just ending. but i will be buying three dresses for sure, quite possibly a couple of more for events that i'm not entirely positive about yet. i'm super duper psyched. i'm not going to be looking to get myself anything yet, but this weekend i do get to go to the mall. we're taking sarah out to get a new outfit for a dance she's going to for school.

i really wish that meg and joes would switch to livejournal so i could go friends only.

inspired by something disturbing i saw on the internet today and a reminiscent conversation i had with robin today, i'd like to throw this PSA in here. for all boys seeking to get a girl: there should be no plan whose goal is to bed a girl that includes the use of a black light. first of all, it is not very smart on the behalf of the boy to do this in the case that he does not change his sheets. it will not help your mission to be showing off your own personal habits or those that might include a partner, which will most certainly show up under the black light. and next, glowing, near blinding, and awkwardness are no kind of aphrodisiac. in closing, i would just like to report, that on behalf of my sex, a black light will not get a guy into any girl's pants.

last night i was watching cruel intentions cause i couldn't sleep. i've come to the conclusion that i don't think that i can watch that movie anymore without oogling ryan phillippe. he's gorgeous. absolutely beautiful.

well that's all i have to write about now but if anyone has any topics to be discussed in a future entry or any birthday suggestions! leave a comment.

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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
5:48 pm - holla at me!
this is super fun!!!! i love pictures!

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Thursday, January 27th, 2005
12:15 am - no promises, no demands.
so i had a doctor's appointment today. it was pretty decent and i got some interesting news. i decided that since it's been a while, i would harass my doctor about having to wear a mask. and he still wants me on it now, but next time i see him, i will be finishing my steroids and he said he may be able to let me go on without the mask and gloves at that point. the gloves i don't really mind. they can be fashionable and fun, and certainly functional in this bitter weather. but i'm excited. i'm possibly going to be able to not have to wear a mask anymore. hooray for better breathing. somehow i also mentioned to julie, the nurse practitioner with my doctor, about how i won't really get to celebrate my birthday, it just came up really. it wasn't something i wanted to talk about. but anyways, they said i can go out and do something to celebrate. they don't want me to go crazy drinking, since i'll still be on the anti-rejection meds, but i think i heard a drink or so would be fine. i'm not really caring a whole lot about that. i just want to have a good time with my friends. maybe i'll plan something awesome. i have time though, i will wait and see what happens at my next appointment, when it's closer to my birthday and whatnot.

i also found out that i might have a hypothyroid problem. i'm going to probably look up what all of that means, but i know that i will have to be on the meds for the rest of my life, if it really turns out to be a problem. what i do know is that this hypothyroidism could be the reason why i've fattened up so much. i think the meds may help that eventually. i'm not entirely too worried about the thyroid even if it will be a lifelong issue. it seems to be a pretty minimal thing to worry about.

i was sad that since i had the meds today at the doctor, with the benadryl that when i came home i pretty much went right to bed and missed out on the fun ambular times. i sorry amber. but i'm glad you got to eat the rice a roni. :o)

i'm watching "my super sweet 16" on mtv cause i'm a sucker for shitty reality tv, it seems. some of these girls are ridiculous. they showed a preview for next week's show and this spoiled and bratty almost 16 year old bitch gets to go to paris to shop the couture shops for a party dress. i think that's pretty damn extreme for a sweet 16. but damn, i am jealous.

oh. i totally found this adorable little rug that i totally want. i'll put a little link here and if anyone feels like getting it for me, i'll give them a kiss! ikea rocks my socks!Collapse )

that's all i got for now. i have other stuff to say but i'd rather just listen to my tunes and chat with some friends.

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
12:58 am - i made the best damn cd today!
i totally stole this from robin and it's freakin' awesome!!!!!

my senior year!Collapse )

stolennnnn.Collapse )

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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
2:19 pm - i am bored like woah.
quizzes jacked from catie.Collapse )

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Friday, January 21st, 2005
3:11 pm - two twenty two oh five.
hollllllaaaaaaa! i haven't made a decent entry in a while. i hadn't been feeling too nostalgic but then i read meg's entry from a few days ago and i just got a very surprising letter today and it's just out of control.

wait, i lied. i did get a bit nostalgic last week and i totally struck up a conversation with marie maser who i haven't talked to in a million years. i have to say, i do miss her. i think she's actually a lot more grounded and down to earth than she was for a while. she's doing pageants and stuff. which is sooo her, but she's doesn't have a complex about it or anything. she's very realistic and i don't know. i totally wish her luck with it.

snooks just got back from vegas and she says it was totally good and she's all psyched to go with us next winter when we head out there. damn right, it's going to be a good time. i was talking to her earlier and she said she's going to adopt me when i turn 21 as a party buddy, which will be totally awesome. she's about the only person i see regularly or talk to much who is old enough to do that kind of legal partying. she wants to take me down to new orleans to chillax with all the friends she just made down there. it's going to be awesommmmmme. i'm so ready to get my party on.

i made my sister a freakin' awesome cd the other day and she has yet to really listen to it. it was amazing. i think i made it so i could listen to it on my itunes. the tracklistingCollapse ) is amazing. i needed to school my sister on some good music. and i'm totally addicted to the garden state soundtrack and to katieo's obsessions part two, and the cd that michaelo made a while ago. so good. so i decide if anyone needs a musical education, consult this tracklisting for a place to start.

so anyways, i was going to consult some of the wise oracles in my life for some advice on what i should do about this letter thing. however, i think i've decided on my own that i am just going to put it away and forget about it. a lot of it sounded a bit self-serving and i think if i were to respond to it, i would just be inviting a bunch of drama back into my life that i just really don't need at all. i mean, initially, i'm sure it wouldn't be a big deal, but the drama would start at some point for sure. it's inevitable. there is just always some kind of drama associated with this person, as far as my interaction goes. and the way things are going in my life right now, i just know it would be another war. perhaps it's wrong of me to just judge this from what has happened in the past and not allow for the possibility that something maybe has changed since we were last friends, but for some reason i just don't know that's possible. meh, it's confusing i guess. but i just don't have the energy to deal with any unnecessary drama. is that a good assessment.

besides, not only have i been screwed by this person, a really good friend of mine has. and if someone who really screwed me over bad, trying to repair friendships with my close friends, i'd be kinda not happy about it. (at least considering the one person i have in mind) so considering how i would feel if i were that person, that's just another reason to not respond.

so recruitment is now over, and its time for bids and trying to pick up the girls who withdrew from rush. i am seriously wondering which girls got bids and accepting them. i might ask maria or somebody if there's a list and then i can look up those girls on thefacebook....cause i'm a stalker. there are a couple of girls that i met that i really liked, and i want to know if they are in. i'm a little sad cause a few girls i liked withdrew, so i hope someone gets them to change their mind.

i want to take a break from my life for a while and just be left alone. i know that's not really possible but i am getting really tired of some things and i just need a break. it's irritating.

well i'm about to watch 13 going on 30 with catie, amber, and sarah. we are going to rock the house and then dance like maniacs to pat benatar.

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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
1:35 pm - disappointment inevitably follows.
another one ripped from one of the friends i stole from catie.Collapse )

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Thursday, January 13th, 2005
2:10 pm - truly outrageous!
this is totally a random thought but i think i need some guidance from my friends and anyone who reads this and wants to comment. please help me out....

ok, i love penn. it's like the best college i think i could have gone to, it is really perfect for me. exactly what i wanted in a school. anyways, that being said, it's also costing me a looooooot of money. i have a ridiculous amount i've already accumulated in loans, and i've only been a student for three semesters so far. so that means, i've still got a lot more debt to acquire. i plan on majoring in visual studies at penn and then using that to get into grad school for fashion design, which is what i really want to end up doing with my life. but let's say i could possibly get into a fashion program now and save some time and money. what would you do if you were me? i really love penn and i don't want to leave the school or the friends there or the things i'm part of and involved in. but i also don't want to be in debt for the rest of my life, which could certainly happen if i have to pay for 5 more semesters at penn and for my graduate studying at drexel or phillyu or somewhere else that i might end up. help me!

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9:46 am - who's going to deliver the baby?
'ganked' from catie.Collapse )

so that was entertaining for the early morning hours. i really need to get some more coffee. i'm like dying here. why is it that i can't sleep for more than 5 hours at night but during the days i can sleep endlessly? any ideas?

well anyways...good news! west chester is on thefacebook now! how hot is that? i'm all kinds of psyched. katieo can now be my friend. but right now i just tried to poke her back and it wouldn't let me so i don't know whats going on with that. bastards.

tonight i get to go down to penn again and hang out, help out with the open house for recruitment. i'm definitely looking forward to it cause i'm super dorky. i'm looking forward to seeing people, especially susan, who i haven't seen since the spring. she called me yesterday which was sweet but i didn't get the call. and when i called her back she didn't get my call. this is something like the story of my life. except recently i've been missing like calls from everyone. i feel bad. sorry peoples!

early in the morning, hbo shows some of the most random movies ever. yesterday the first and third of the mighty ducks movies were on. and this morning, i watched the end of don't tell mom the babysitter's dead, with christina applegate. that movie is so random! i don't know if anyone else has ever seen it, it's definitely cheesy. but david duchovny is in it, as is the girl who played teresa keiner on boy meets world and was in the awesome disney channel movie wish upon a star. catie knows what i'm talking about. that movie is hot. anyone else know what movie i'm talking about or are catie and i on this one alone?

ok, so why is star wars considered fashionable or stylish or even cool? its on a like 5 page folded cover of february's issue of vanity fair. it's sooo disappointing. from what i understand, the recent installments of the star wars movies were disappointing...anyone care to verify that? well anyways, to me, star wars is insanely geeky. and also, when someone is a serious fan, i can pretty much tell that i won't really get along so well with that person. but that's just a personal thing with me. as far as it being the cover of vanity fair....whyyyyyy? i understand that there is a huge following of all kinds of sci-fi geeks in the world, but seriously, how many readers of vanity fair can be real hardcore fans of star wars? they just don't strike me as a clever match. am i alone in this too?

so i'm stealing all of catie's LJ friends. she must be insanely jealous.

and i'm proposing that megan switch to livejournal, now. all the cool kids are doing it.

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
10:33 am - another sleepless night.
quizzes, a la amber.Collapse )

so i have again not been on my computer in a few days, so i haven't updated. there is actually one thing really big that's going on right now. my cousin sarah just moved in over the weekend. she is only 12 and she's had such a hard life so far, with sooo much drama in her family. up until friday night, she was living with her dad, two of her brothers, and her stepmom and her kids. and as is true in most fairy tales, her stepmom is absolutely, heinously evil. she is truly wicked and has taken pleasure in making life as miserable as possible for my cousin. so we are taking her away from that and she is going to live with us. my parents are more than willing to keep her here till she's all grown up and going on her own, like us. they are actually going to work on getting legal guardianship of her, also. so she will really be ours. what worries me now though, is that once everything is taken care of legally, i'm afraid my uncle will just disappear from her life and take this as an easy way out of having to take care of his family and confront his wife. at least she will have a good environment to grow up in, she'll have some of her childhood that she can salvage here.

so it appears that everyone's gone back to school now. my buddy list is looking fuller these days. i actually might be getting down to penn a couple of times in the next week or so, for recruitment events. i'm actually looking forward to doing whatever i can manage to do. it will be a bit sketchy, trying to work out how i'll get there and back. but i want to go. i'm going to talk to maria today and figure it out. i have to figure out what i have to wear and all this other kinds of stuff. at least it's an excuse to wear pretty shoes!

yesterday i had to go to the clinic for meds and slept from the benadryl when i came home. of course, i had the misfortune of waking up around 1am and then not being able to fall back asleep. so now i've almost been up for 12 hours. i don't know if i should take a short nap today or not. it might be a bad idea. i guess i'll see what happens since sometimes i have no choice in the matter and i just fall asleep unwillingly.

well i have nothing else to say for now...and my newest issue of instyle just arrived. it's screaming my name!

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Friday, January 7th, 2005
11:42 am - our songs are better.
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Thursday, January 6th, 2005
11:38 am - inventing beauty.
happy new year everyone. i know i've mostly told everyone that personally but this is my first entry of the new year so i feel like i'd be missing something without that.

so yeah, i haven't written anything in a while. ironically enough, for the most bored person on earth, i've had a busier time recently than i've had in a long while. i also just haven't been getting online cause other stuff is happening. people are home from school, so they're visiting, or we're going out somewhere. stuff like that.

i always feel like i have stuff i should be doing and i never get around to it. what's up with that?

anywho, this week has been actually rather fun so far. i went to the movies with katie and meg on tuesday. we saw kinsey at the one of the ritz theatres downtown. it was good times. i liked the movie. it was much funnier than i expected it would be. i think the funniest stuff was all of the myths that people thought existed, regarding sex. for example, masturbation can lead to an array of complications including the typical blindness or even death, among other things. and i also thought the impregnation by oral sex was another amusing one. see what happens when people aren't educated? all kinds of stupid stories pop up and everyone has these misconceptions about sex that are just ridiculous. no one knows what's going on. and that, is sorta why i think that teaching abstinence instead of real sex ed is for the birds. but that's enough of that.

tuesday night, meridyth and marisa came over and we hung out for a while. i haven't seen either of them in so long, it was really great to get together and hang out. we had a lot of fun catching up on what's been happening, but also hating on all kinds of people from high school who we didn't like then, or have come to dislike since then. and of course, we traded all kinds of interesting stories and whatnot. marisa is great, like me, she enjoys talking trash on people to an extreme degree. in our trash talking, we also shared how we enjoy telling people things about people we don't like that eventually allows other people to dislike that person as well. i know it's evil. but its soooooo fun! haha. i just missed hanging out with them. we had such good times in high school. i miss it. and i happened to find out that marisa actually hates more people than i do! that takes talent. anyways, we're making plans for the summer and for birthday celebrating. it's going to be funnnnnnnnn!

yesterday i went to the movies again, this time with bob. we saw spanglish at neshaminy and it was way cute. i heart adam sandler, and to my surprise, he played neurotic very well. the movie was much longer than i thought it would be but it was definitely cute. and funny. though sometimes i think i was the only person who laughed at stuff. since we were at the mall, i went to hot topic and got rid of those gift certificates i had. i got a hello kitty track jacket. haha. i'm such a dork. i noticed so many different things at the mall that are new to me. i haven't been there in probably almost a year, so thats not very suprising, but after having spent soooo much time in that place all during high school and the year and half after that before i got all sick, it was strange to believe i'd actually be able to miss so many changes there. one thing that stayed the same was the fact that it's impossible to go there without seeing someone i knew....coincidentally it was jimbo this time, bob's brother. even on a weekday in the like late afternoon (i think) when the mall is damn near empty, there's someone there. what's with that?

anyone have any ideas on where i might find a picture of a cool gargoyle of some kind? my dad's friend wants me to draw one for him to get a tattoo. i feel like that's not going to work out. le sigh. why can't i ever do anything...that's what i want to know.

last night, we were all into the idea of watching disney movies...i wanted to watch beauty and the beast. we looked for it, all over the house, it's gone! i'm so sad. i really wanted to watch it. and now it's not here and nobody knows where it is, so naturally i'm obsessed with wanting to see it. it's like some strange kind of movie craving. some good news though...i saw that bambi is coming out on dvd in march!! how psyched am i for that one? i heart that movie. it was the first disney movie i ever remember seeing. and of course, bambi was the mascot at huberts. so thats like two times the love. yeah, i'm a weirdo.

i have so much to do that i should probably get working on today....draw a freakin' gargoyle for tattooing, read a stack of magazines that have been haunting me for a good while now, burn cds, finish working on that bag i was making....etc, etc, etc. i'm so unmotivated, i think. i also have to paint my nails. right now, the half of them bare and half of them painted look isn't really working for me.

a few more months to go till super fun. tara can't wait. things will be good. i mean, sooooooooooooooooo good. all kinds of stuff is good. i'm feeling lots better about stuff right now.

i like being home alone.

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
7:47 am - your mom goes to college!
quizzes from the amber.Collapse )

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Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
1:26 am - why should i worry, why should i care...
ok, so i've been not online for a decent good while. i've actually been busy with christmasy kind of stuff, and i've been sleeping sorta. i don't know. just haven't been bored enough or something i guess.

my room is a nasty nasty mess right now and i need to clean it and somehow make room for all of the stuff i just got. earlier tonight catie and i were talking about trading rooms but now i think she's changed her mind back to staying in our rooms. it sucks. i could totally use the extra space and extra closet i'd get out of that deal. especially since i have a lot more stuff than she does. or at least stuff that takes up a seriously greater amount of space. le sigh. i need space. ::cue something corporate here::

anyways. the past several days have been pretty decent. i guess it started last wednesday after my doctor's appointment when i went to robin's afterwards. it was soooo cool seeing her, and we've been trying to get together all semester. we watched mean girls, which for some reason since the first time i watched it, made me think i should have watched it with her. we exchanged gifts and it was awesome. i think i already wrote about this, or i'm having a mean case of deja vu.

anywho...then next day, the day before christmas eve, katieo had peoples over to exchange gifts and whatnot. i needed a ride so she came and picked me up cause i needed a ride. she brought gifts for the fam.. er and csi on dvd. she's been here on a few thursday nights. she really liked the irish doll that my fam got for her, too. or at least she acted/said she did. haha. but yeah, i got there and her parents had a gift for me which was quite nice of them. and after a while, meg and pat came over, and then bob, and then later joe s. it was a lot of fun. we played MASH, which is apparently now a sort of board game.

christmas eve, we didn't really do anything until my grandparents house that night. well actually, bob came over for a while during the day but i had to get ready to go out and he was doing family stuff so he didn't stay for too long. but its good to see friends on holidays. anyways, we stayed at my grandparents, exchanged gifts. there was this one kid there who is my grandpop's brother's grandson. he was a strange old fella. he liked to talk a lot. and it was just peculiar. after that we stopped at the house of one of my dad's friends. then we came home, i changed into my pjs, and then we went over to the neighbors house. i only stayed for like half an hour though cause i was tiiiired!

anyways. i fell asleep around 1am on christmas eve but woke up in the middle of the night, around 5am, and couldn't fall back to sleep. so that sucked balls.

my brother ended up waking up at 8:30ish, so we all got up to open gifts and stuff. my grandparents were supposed to be coming by at around 10 so we wanted to get all that done and have time for my dad to make breakfast. of course they never ended up coming till around 1 or 2, as usual. but this year at least they had an excuse, they had a flat. my dad went over to plug it for them cause he's a nicey nice.

christmas day i stayed in my pjs all day and didn't go anywhere. the flans came by that night though, as did bob...then meg and cait, katieo, and then joe s. it was hella fun. we played games and whatnot. loaded questions was awesome.

anyways, my holiday summary would have to say that i got a lot of sweet gifts. i'm kind of annoyed by something, this sort of feeling i have about christmas but i can't really divulge. i will just have to say that i don't want people feeling bad for me. i'll try to list the gifts i got cause thats fun, and in case anyone really wants to know. but i'll do that later.

so my cousin is going to plan her wedding for the fall, or at least that's the plan so far. it may change if my uncle's treatment would require a change. but that means i've got two weddings to go to in the fall. how nicey nice is that. i probably wouldn't need to get two dresses if that's the case, but since i love to buy stuff, i just might get two. hehe. or at least use the excuse to go shopping more than once. i'm excited though. darlene, my cousin, asked my mom to be a bridesmaid. i've got to admit, i'm jealous. i want to be in a wedding. besides, i usually think of bridesmaids as young. but i know that's just silly. there's lots of not young ones. and i'll probably be an old maid of honor whenever catie gets married. since i'm freakin' old anyways. ick!

oh. here's something random. sometime, kinda recently, i was watching sex and the city while i couldn't sleep. the episode when carrie loses her motherboard on her laptop and aidain buys her a new ibook, he describes it to her as like having a purse cause it has a handle. and this was when the ibooks were even cuter than they are now cause they were colorful. anyways, she says to him that its an expensive purse. i just have to ask, wtf mates. this coming from the woman, who in one season, carried 4 different varieties of the same dior bag, or shops with samantha for the $4000 birkin by hermes, and talks about fendis. come on. i know when they came out they were probably priced higher, but the most expensive ibook there is on the market right now is under $1500 i think. that's not really too expensive in comparison. eh? that was just a silly argument for her to make i think.

well i'm sorta tired of writing now so enjoy reading about my christmas gifts or my surveys.

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
9:04 am - love actually is all around.
it's not even 8:30 in the morning yet. isn't that awesome?!?! i've been awake since about 1am. last night i fell asleep at like 8pm cause i had been up since 4:30 and had a sorta busy day so i was hella tired. well i ended up waking up around 1am and couldn't fall back asleep. so now i've been awake since 1ish and arggggg. i stayed in bed hoping id fall back to sleep but it never happened. luckily there were people on aim who imed me, such as bob, to keep me entertained for a while. i actually forgot i was signed on from my phone. and then there was katie to talk to for quite a while since she's kinda nocturnal too. when there was no one left though, i felt quite desperate to sleep. i was so bored. i ended up watching movies in my room on my laptop like i usually do when i am laying in bed hoping to sleep but not actually getting too. le sigh.

let me talk about my day yesterday! i had a doctor's appointment in the morning which was good cause i started having this very uncomfortable rash the past few days on my neck and in my cleavage (wtf, mates!) and i was hoping to get some kind of answer on that. as it turns out, its some mild case of gvh and the doctor prescribed a steroid cream for me to put on it, but doesn't want me to rely on the cream if the rash spreads too much. the bad news, as long as the rash is here, i'm not lowering any of my meds. the good news, i started using the cream last night and it's made quite a difference after just one usage. so i'm hopeful.
better news: i'm allowed to kiss boys! bring it on, yo.

anyways, after i was done with the doctor's appointment, i called robin and finally we managed to successfully plan some hanging out. i hadn't seen her since may! it was good times. i met her at 38th and walnut then we walked to cvs for a quick stop and then to her apartment. it's cute. way better than living in the highrises, i think. the lobby was all decorated with a big tree, and wrapped boxes that were gigantic, but probably empty inside. anywho...we exchanged gifts and hung out and watched mean girls and it was just cool. her brother's pager kept vibrating for some reason, like every two minutes...it was like a constant timer or something.

she seemed to really like her present which made me super happy! i got her the paris hilton book confessions of an heiress or whatever its called, and two pairs of leg warmer, one grey and one pink. i think she might be colorblind, btw. haha. that was the first present i got to give this year, and i was excited with the reaction. i hope everyone likes their gifts. i thought hard for some of them.

tonight is katieo's xmas gathering for gift exchanging and general seasonal merriness i guess. i'm "dressing up" as an elf. but its not so much a costume as it is just wearing festive colored clothes and shoes and accessories. cause i'm cool like that. i have presents for katieo, megan, joe, bob, mr&mrs o, and char char. i think that's all i have to take tonight. but it's sort of a lot so i'm taking the santa bag!! woot woot. i'm looking forward to this though. i haven't really been in the christmasy spirit yet, but now i'm starting to feel it. plus, i want presents! hehe.

oh man, i can't wait to give my family their gifts. i love what i got my sister. its sooooo funny. i'd say here but she reads. so no. i actually know where all of my gifts are "hidden." i quote that because my mom has made blatantly no effort to keep it secret. anywho, i could totally go peek if i wanted to. but that would ruin the surprise, i think i'd rather not know. i want them now though. i feel like veruca salt in willy wonka and the chocolate factory (not the short-lived mid to late 90s girl band). "i want it nowwwwww!" i love that movie. i remember way back in high school when megan and i rented it one night. it was fun times.

what is going on for new years anyone? any celebrating i can join in on?

i want a candy cane right now. a cherry flavored one though...that is rainbow striped. i can see it hanging on my xmas tree. i had one the other day but they're actually stale and that's kinda gross. it makes me a little bit mad at cvs for selling them. it hurts.

so my hello kitty watch is damn near falling apart....like literally. and my blue suede wraparound watch is broken so it doesn't so much wrap around anymore or fit me, and the silver watch that i found (and love to death) is mechanically broken cause something got messed up when i changed the battery. so that means, soon i will have no way to tell time. i need a watch. i feel naked without one. i've decided to wait till after christmas to see about getting a new one though. i didn't ask for one this year...but i got the hello kitty watch for christmas last year and never asked for that, so it is possible. plus i think my parents know that i need a new one, so we'll see. if i don't get one though, i have a few picked out that i might like. one of them is cute and has animated hearts on the face.....so technologically advanced, i know. i don't know. i might also still get one myself even if i do get one for christmas cause for some reason i like to have two watches. is that crazy? i don't think so. my brother wears two at a time. but lets face it, he's weird...and one is from a cereal box and the other is from burger king. so his two watches really aren't anything special.

i'm really getting sorta hungry. i think i'm going to get some french toast in a few minutes. french toast is my favorite breakfast meal type of thing. its soooo yummy. it's easy to make too. except i can't make it now cause i can't interact with raw food kinds of products, like egg. we have frozen french toast for that reason. but it's surprisingly good!

i've been feeling kinda happy for the past week or so...despite the misery i went through in my sleepless days and a moment the other night when i was feeling gloomy. but i've really been in a better mood i think. i'm psyched about stuff, that's all. and i think i might be getting something for christmas that i have been wanting for a long long time but never expected to get and never really asked for.

ew, there was just something on the tv that looked like blood being poured into a glass! i don't really know what it was cause i'm listening to "santa baby" but it soo looked nasty!

my mom's cousin just got engaged last week and i'm soooooo excited for that! most people aren't really that close with their parents' cousins, but i'd venture to say that we're closer with her than with some of our own cousins. it's true. she was always our babysitter growing up, and she was my confirmation sponsor, and she took me to my first concert (*NSYNC!! woot!). i love weddings. especially now that i'm like older and i get to bring my "and guest" person. haha. sadly, her dad was just diagnosed with a really advanced case of lung cancer, so it's going to happen relatively quickly...within the next year. it's bittersweet, that's how i've described it. but i mean, just thinking about the wedding....i'm really happy for her. i think she's been wanting such a thing for a while, and she's been with this guy for years and he's good to her. so i'm really happy for her. and i know the wedding will be fun. it's my mom's side of the family, and i know more of them and generally i think they're funner. and i think my brother and sister are both going to be invited, too, even though they're like, youngish for weddings. and best of all, i'll get to go shopping for a new dress (and shoes!) and i am dying to buy a pretty new dress.

so i guess this christmas, i have a lot of things to be happy about. it's certainly a much better time for me than last year.

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Monday, December 20th, 2004
12:13 am - stupid vonda.
more quizzes to keep me awake.Collapse )

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Sunday, December 19th, 2004
11:34 pm - i am thinking it's a sign...

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well now that's something for everyone to think about. think about alllllllllll that you're missing. :oP

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